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Because it needs to be seen....


I learned about oobleck tonight. It's cornstarch and water and it does this when you put it on a speaker!

Taken at work

Another thought provoking vid

Open Vs. Closed Mindedness (Very good!)

I've been watching several of his other videos on his youtube channel and they are all very interesting. Very good reminders to me not to get stuck on a high horse regarding beliefs.

Happy Belated Squirrel Appreciation Day!
You think you know excited? nah. THIS is excited!

Nov. 27th, 2008

Nutritional yeast + Braggs Liquid Aminos + poultry seasoning + veggie broth + butter + flour = a damn fine vegetarian gravy!! Yum

Also doing a Quorn roast this year, I couldn't bring myself to experiment with a Tofurky...hehe.

I Hope you all have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving with those you love.

Found on cuteoverload.com